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Preventing Weed and Grass Growth
There is a big misconception about where the weeds grow from in your interlock joints.  Many people think that these annoying plants grow from the base of the interlock; they do not.  Weeds grow from inside the joints.  Over time, soil blows into the sand joints which creates a good foundation for grass and weed seeds to grow.  To avoid this, use jointing sand once a year on your interlock to prevent any soil and seeds to get in.  It is done as easily as going to your local home building centre, buying a bag of sand, and sweeping it over the surface of your interlock.  Sealing your interlock will also help to prevent weed growth.

Proper Drainage
Having proper water drainage is very important to ensure a strong base for the interlock.  Water erosion is the leading factor in the disruption of a well leveled base.  If there is water gathering under your interlock, you will most likely be calling a contractor to have your interlock re-leveled.    Installing weeping tile pipe and creating a good slope on your interlock is key to the longevity of your base.  For proper water drainage, the slope on any surface should be at least  one and a half  inches for every ten feet (1.5in/10ft).
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