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Sealing Your Pavers

Prolong the life of your interlock with a good sealer.  A sealer :

  • Enhances the color of your pavers
  • Prevents the color from fading
  • Protects the bricks against oil stains and other spills
  • Allows for easier cleaning
  • Fills in the pores which makes the surface waterproof,
    preventing moisture and frost damage
Sealing is done as easily as painting.  Usually applied with a roller, it is an inexpensive and quick way of maintaining your investment.  It is  recommended that you use a power wash on your pavers prior to sealing.  If you do use a power wash, you should then also use jointing sand to fill in any holes that might have been creating during the wash.  Sealing should be done every 1-3 years, depending on the area (driveways should be done more frequently).

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