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Interlock is a great choice for any part of the home landscape.  Whether you are looking for walkways, patios, driveways, or porches, interlock is a very versatile choice with many different looks.  The advantage of interlock over other materials is that you can always re-level interlock.  We live in a harsh Canadian climate  which takes a toll on any type of surface, especially concrete and asphalt.  Eventually, these surfaces crack and sink.  Fixing these problems can become quite expensive.  A surface that has been paved with interlock is a lot cheaper to fix because there is no addition of stones or materials.  A repair job on interlock consists of removing the stones, re-leveling the base, and laying the old stones back into place.

The design advantages of interlock over other paving materials are enormous.  Whether you are looking for straight forward driveways or waved walkways, interlock has the answer.  Take a look at our gallery for works completed by Orion Landscaping to help you get ideas for your own home.

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